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Marriage Made Easy

  • Chez Debi 415 N State Street Hurricane UT USA (map)
A Deeply Meaningful, Happy Marriage is Possible!

A Deeply Meaningful, Happy Marriage is Possible!

Have you ever wondered if having a sustainable, deeply meaningful, happy relationship is possible? It is!

You are cordially invited to an exclusive marriage enrichment 2+ hour training, designed just for powerhouse women like you that could change everything for the better. It's casual dress, lots o’ fun, and yes, we will serve you delicious snacks while you are here.

Do you feel you are doing everything you know to do: Busting your buns everyday, pouring your soul into what you think will get him to respond. You are aren’t struggling, cuz you don’t care, or aren’t trying. It’s simply that no matter what you do, you still aren’t getting the dream results you know are possible in your relationship. What if there is a better way?

Did you know: Less than 50% of marriage partnerships out there actually stay together, many of them are struggling and some are barely hanging on. You don’t have to be a statistic. If you are ready for answers there is a better way!

If you are ready to take your relationship to the next level:

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You will apply for a scholarship to come to a Relationship Intensive Retreat as our guest. We will lay the foundation and framework for your future passionate, deeply meaningful, joy-filled love life.

Cozy Environment ~ Great Conversation ~ Yummy Snacks

Cozy Environment ~ Great Conversation ~ Yummy Snacks

Apply Here>>

If you want to continue to overhaul your marriage with this process after the retreat, you are welcome to join our six week program (Ignite Your Queen Within) You will not be high pressured, sold to, or ask to join an MLM. No funny business here.

Whether you jump in and join ‘Ignite Your Queen Within’ or not, you will leave with a solid plan to create love & affection that stands the tests of time. You will receive

Easy ways to get what you need from your partner

Easy ways to create deeper connection and more meaningful intimacy

This all adds up to a transformational opportunity to grow wiser, healthier, and stronger marriage than ever before!

Here’s a chance to do some reflection:


I will see myself and men in a whole new light based on new perspectives found in research.

I will craft a much clearer vision of my future desires for my marriage and life.

I may learn some things I didn’t know, and may consider doing a few things differently.

There is no cost to qualify for the scholarship.

Snacks will be provided for me and cookies are yummy.


I will need to commit to attend in full Wednesday 3 PM -5:30 PM.

I get to show up willing to learn.

If I show up closed and unwilling, with a big hat and no cattle, I will be asked to remove my hat.

This is NOT a quick fix program.

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Every relationship when based in FUNDAMENTAL principles and LAWS of Love will thrive. This process will rebuild your marriage from the ground up.

Beginning with communication (listening & speaking) processes because the ones you have are probably outdated and are not working well.

Then add leadership and confidence skills to get your best self to show up more often.

Finally, we will add in some deep meaning and fulfillment insights that will infuse a desire in you and your partner to remain devoted partners for life.

The easy pill is not included. Plan on lots of loving, intriguing, and inspiring resources, information, and insights to motivate your partner. The goal - to build a HEALTHY, THRIVING relationship that stands the tests of time and has all the elements of Happily Ever After.

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