Deena Beth

Key Accomplishments:

•Relationship/Partnership Specialist
•Tony Robbins & Grand Canyon University Certified Life Coach
•CEO, Founder of The Queen Within Consulting
•Leads “Queen Within” and Couples Therapy Sessions
•Married to the love of her life for 30 years
•Masters Degree in Teaching Through the Arts
•29 years Educator

~ Confidante ~ Facilitator ~ Speaker

Deena is a trusted adviser to women in leadership and their families. Clients value her clarity, compassion, and dedication to extraordinary partnerships. As a well-respected facilitator for several organizations, she invites you push the boundaries of what is possible in relationships and life in order to establish integrity and appreciation as the norm.

Her specialty is supporting women in becoming more self-aware so they are able to collaborate with their husbands and co-workers more effectively, think with more creativity, and allocate energy wisely, thus creating new heights of success and satisfaction in the workplace and at home.

She tends to challenge limited thinking patterns and invoke accurate thought processes for rapid and profound growth. She also brings the best morsels from research so you get the science that allows for enhanced levels of performance, and improved relationships.

Deena Beth resides in Northern Arizona with her family who love to travel and serve in various community functions.